Chanakya will always be considered to be the Pioneer Economist of India, and one of the greatest legends this country had ever got. Chanakya was a Teacher, Writer, Economist & Royal advisor.

Its believer that Chanakya lived between 350 – 275 BCE, and is specially known for his sagacious and wise nature towards his king. Chanakya completed his studies from the ancient Takshashila University and then worked as a professor of Economics and political science.

His famous work includes Chanakya Neeti( book consist his teaching on different aspects of life), Arthashastra( teaching of economy, statehood, welfare & military policies ) & Neetishashtra. Due to his sagacious and foresighted nature he (Chanakya) had a great understanding of Bureaucracy, Governance, Finance & economics, Art of warfare etc.

In Ancient time he is also identified by – Kautilya & Vishnugupta but later he got all limelight by name Chanakya( name derived from his father’s name ‘Chanak’),

He worked as a prime minister and Royal Advisor in the court of great emperor Chandragupta Maurya

Facts about Chanakya -

– It’s said that he was born with full set of Teethes and in ancient time it was consider being a quality of King or Emperor. But Chanakya was born in Brahmin family so it was considered inappropriate according to methodologies of that time. Hence his teeth were broken and later predicted he could become an higher level advisor

– Since his childhood he persisted sagacious nature very rare between the kids of his age group. His level of knowledge and grasping was not as usual as other children.

– Chanakya was once insulted at Nanda King in front of whole court room after that Chanakya swore that he will not tie his hairs until he destroy whole Nanda Empire. And later he did that with Chandragupta.

– Chanakya met Chandragupta a student of royal blood and then later trained him to Invade Nanda Empire.

– Chandragupta ruled the first biggest Indian empire while Chanakya worked as a mastermind behind the whole administration.

– Chanakya used to add Small amount of poison in Chandragupta’s food to make his body resistant to poison.

– Even Chandragupta was unaware of the fact that Chanakya is mixing poison in his food and he insisted his Queen to eat with him. Queen was in 9TH month of her pregnancy, but she died because of the poison. Soon after her death Chanakya saved the baby by cutting belly of queen. Later baby was names as Bindusara.

– Bindusara was given the thrown after Chandragupta, but Chanakya remained Royal Advisor

Some best quote by Chanakya that will blow your mind.

# Chanakya on Lust..

Chanakya on Lust

# On Death

Chanakya on Death

# On Friendship

Chanakya on friends

# On Self-Improvement

Chanakya on Self improvement
Chanakya on Self improvement

# On Family

Chanakya on Family

# On Kingdom

Chanakya on kingdom

# On Failure

Chanakya on failure

# On Education

chanakya on education

# On Aristocrat

Chanakya on good persons

# On Parenting

chanakya on parenting

# On Dharma

chanakya on dharma

# On Kids

Chanakya on Kids

# On Next Generation

Chanakya on Next generations

# On Scholars

chanakya on scholar

# On Wise Man

Chanakya on wise man

# On Money & Wealth

Chanakya on money

# On Learning

Chanakya on learning
Chanakya on learning

# On Happiness

Chanakya on happiness

# On Truth

Chanakya on truth

# On Women

Chanakya on women

# On Administration

Chanakya on administration

# On Integrity

Chanakya on integrity

# On Religion

Chanakya on religion

# On Wisdom

Chanakya on wisdom


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