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We all know, plastic surgery and cosmetic improvement has been a thing among women for the past few decades. Different cosmetic surgeries have been around for years, to correct appearances and the bodily proportions of women, which in turn instill upon them a confidence to openly walk head held high in a crowd.

But in these progressive times, cosmetic surgeries have opened up opportunities for men too, to get what they want. The procedures are a tad expensive and so only go for it if your pockets can handle it. And we’d always recommend a good diet and workout routine over such procedures, for you to feel good about yourself. But for those of you who prefer cosmetic surgeries, we have prepared a list of the most common procedures used by men.

#1- Rhinoplasty

It is the surgical alteration of the nose. Maybe to correct some deformation or to improve the overall shape of the nose and subsequently the facial appearance. The rhinoplasty can be used to remove any deformation caused by accidents, congenital respiratory diseases and so on. The cost for a rhinoplasty in India can extend anywhere between $2000 USD to $10,000 USD.

#2- Liposuction

This has been a popular procedure among women but men have started to adopt it too, to remove excessive body fat with little effort. The process actually disposes of the cellulite deposits in various parts of the body. The procedure actually consists of using a cannula, a hollow metal device, to melt and suck the excess fat out from the body. The cost of a liposuction can depend on the area you are concentrating on, for example: surgical fee of hip would be around $3500 USD, outer thigh would be $2500 USD and buttock would be $2000 USD.

#3- Beard transplant

The current trend of the rugged look and popular stars garnishing facial hair has drastically increased the popularity of this long existing technique. The procedure is actually the extraction of follicles from other parts of the body and surgically inserting them where needed. Men who can’t grow a decent beard or have any type of facial scars can try this technique. The procedure can be carried out at a reasonable rate.

#4- Gynecomastia ­

The surgical removal of breast tissues has also been widely used by women and reasonably so. But the growing trends see men also seeking out this treatment due to man breasts. The new life style and food patterns coupled with age and genetics contribute to the special condition. It can be a major confidence booster for the men suffering from excessive breast growth.

#5- Pectoral implants

Sometimes, no matter how hard you hit the gym you do not get the muscle definition you want. The upper chest region is a little hard to develop and sometimes genetics may prove to be a huge factor. For those of you, we have just the thing; Pectoral implants! The surgery is implanting soft silicone implants into your pectoral region to give a better shape and appearance of muscle definition. Average cost can be considered around $5500 USD

These are just some of the procedures that are available for guys who are just not satisfied with themselves. The surgeries are an easy way out, but nothing beats the satisfaction of chiseling your body by giving it the hard treatment. But, if you have to pursue cosmetic surgery, always seek out a well-reputed surgeon who knows what he’s doing.

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