Freelancing is a serious business and either we do it with passion or not at all..

Freelancers are the people who opted to work on their terms instead of choosing regular jobs.  Freelancing has become a trend only recently with companies trying their best to cut down on costs. Working at home sounds like being in your comfort zone which it is for some people, but it can get extremely monotonous. Not only does the monotony kill you but also the wrong preconceptions which people have about freelancers. Explaining people the kind of work you do can be exhausting.

#1 When people complain about morning traffic:

Morning, traffic, commuting to work, what? You haven’t had to get up in the morning, get dressed and go to work. You haven’t felt the wrath of the rains and the outrage because of snow. It is unacceptable to not show up at work, just like that, there is no excuse for being late either. Freelancing work entails with it a no excuses work culture. People tend to believe that freelancers are lazy people and that is why they are working from the comfort of their homes.

#2 Work-from-home dress code:

No need to invest in an expensive wardrobe when you can work in boxers and no shirt. This also leads to one becoming lazy and staying in pyjamas till afternoon. Maximum requirement during a video call can be to wear a good shirt and a tie, irrespective of what one is wearing under. But this immediately translates to your family and friends not taking your work seriously. Well, they don’t need to work at odd hours during the night.

#3 Lunch break and gossip?

No and no to both. Lunch break means leaving the table or your bed and walking to your kitchen and grabbing a banana. It also means being deprived of the company of people, who entertain you with a daily dose of gossip. Who is sleeping with whom, who shouted on the other person, who two are dating? No amusement of such news which keep the work bearable. There are no friends with whom you can share a coffee and enjoy judging other people.

#4 Are you unemployed?

The most common misunderstanding which people have with freelancers. “Are you currently unemployed, my dear?” “Is this a temporary job?” “WHAT? You don’t go to an office?” Freelancers are exhausted of answering these pesky questions. Yes, we HAVE a job. Yes, we WORK from home. Yes, it’s a proper job. Parents and friends are worried that you have issues in life, you’re depressed, and you are unproductive. No and no and no to every such query!

#5 Office hours?

Thanks God its Friday, No Fu*k – I am a Freelancer..

You have no fixed office hour, it’s not a 9am-5pm job, it’s a 24*7 job. People expect you to receive calls at 4am because of the time difference in different countries. People also put deadlines at such a time when you should be sleeping. Dark circles are your friends and sun is the biggest nightmare. Work runs into late night and it’s more demanding than a regular job. Certain things can be ignored if one gets to work from their comfort zone, right?

Freelancing has its pros and cons, but is a unique mode of occupation not everyone can afford to have. So take pride if you are a freelancer!

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