Its said: Doesn’t matter how many workout mistakes you pursue or how slow the progress is, you are ahead of those who aren’t working out. But those workout mistakes could never be taken lightly; they can blow you with serious muscle injuries.

Every time we do perform workout mistakes, there is someone or something that tells us that, “hey you really need to work on that because you are doing it wrong!” Either they are the life lessons or basically otherwise your mother. So when it comes to working out, the sores and the aches let you know if your workouts or going right or are they wrong. You can obviously have your own cheat days when you feel too lazy and cranky to workout. But make sure that is not more than once or twice a week and even then you avoid intake of calories and are maintaining your diet up to a certain limit. Check out what are the 6 signs which tell you that your workout is going wrong:

You don’t sore enough-

Sores are common when you are working, its a body’s own way of telling you that you did a great job. It basically takes place when you put a certain amount of pressure on your muscle. But, if you don’t sore enough it means you are doing something wrong and you need to have a check on your routine.

Joint pains-

There’s a difference between having sore muscle and having a joint ache. This simply increases the risk of an injury. You won’t be able to see the effects at the moment but will hit you real bad down the road. You can a day off or two for the pain to recover and get back just to be on the safer side. If you experience persistent pain then you should definitely visit your physiotherapist.

You’ve hit a plateau-

Hitting a plateau means when your body fails to make gains to achieve your fitness goals. its one of the most common workout mistake that almost every bodybuilder suffered, when you perform same workout schedule for more that a month then your body get used to those workouts and pauses to show improvement. It’s better to change workout routine every 4-6 weeks in order to save yourself from hitting a plateau.

Performing wrong supersets- 

Now you might be thinking what could go wrong with supersets? supersets is a workout routine when you mix-up two or more different exercises to have better concentration and intensity. These supersets have the capacity to destroy the workout and provide you with intense muscle gains. But there is a twist in the story, supersets work well only when they are done in a well-planned manner. like doing abs and compound exercise (like squat or pressing) can put extra pressure on your core and will make you more prone to injury, similarly never pair deadlifts and pullups for supersets.  It’s advisable to do these exercises in expert’s supervision.

Not tracking anything-

Another mistake many new-comers do is not carrying their progress. Progress and workout tracking is as important as lifting weights. Proper tracking would definitely help you to mark progress and will help you in planning for future. Start a journal today and record the daily schedule, number of sets, weight lifted, recent photos. All these will help you stay focused and motivated.

You Feel Nauseated-

When you work out too hard, they say that you tend to feel disgusted. A workout should make you feel good after every session, that’s the reason for hitting gym, right? No workout should extend more that 60 minutes, additionally you have to take care of your diet, 30% of the body is made in gym and rest 70% is made in a kitchen. So stop stressing yourself in gym and start nourishing your body with good and healthy food.

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