quotation-marks-leftThe only place where success comes before work is ‘Dictionary’. – Donald Kendall

If only becoming rich and successful was that easy, we wouldn’t have people living in the slums right now and why is it so difficult to earn success and what is a secret of success in life? Earning, spending, saving and controlling yourself seem to be easy with words on screen and in reality much more difficult to face them.

If everyone could earn success that easily, we would have no maids and everyone will be driving a Lamborghini or a car at least and living in big mansions. So probably if you are a young man who wants to be a successful and wealthy man, here are some of the tips that’ll help you list down a brief about how to go around about saving and might help you to become rich:

Have a plan:

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

Alright so keeping everything aside; the first and foremost thing to do is have a plan. From most of the successful people you might come across have a plan or an idea of what do they want to do. Once you have an idea, you need to have the right knowledge of that profession which will help you being creative in your work. So there’s something that an institution will teach you and then further it’s your job to get the outcome with your creativity in it.  For example: an engineer will be taught the mechanics and physics but only his creativity will help him come up with new models for the car.

Choose the right location:

Once you have the right location to go for, you can take your profession forward. Example, If you live in India and if you wish to work in Bollywood, you know that Mumbai is going to be your first option to achieve success.


You have to invest in what you wish to grow big at and going to provide you success in life. Investing isn’t always about monetary aspect but  Investing your creativity, time, money, sometimes you need to put other things aside for a while to achieve that desired success. One has to be ready for all of these circumstances. Once you start earning in small proportions, you need to make sure you save enough for emergency provisions and funds. Or maybe you can probably invest them further.

Positive attitude and patience:

Success comes to those who are persistent with their hard work, Success usually does not happen at the first go, when most of the people quit and back-down while facing difficulties successful people decides to stick to there plan and vision.

People who think they will be successful and people who think they won’t be successful are both usually correct. positive thinking will help you generate strength, energy, motivation and initiative whereas negative thoughts will always put you in Delima of ‘weather this will workout or not’. Sometimes success takes a lot of time and you need patience for all of this because most of the times we don’t figure things out in the first go.


“I have not failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

It’s completely fine if things didn’t work out in the first go. Experiencing the negative also helps you figure out about what you did right and wrong. A light bulb was not invented in its first go, was it? Every time you fail, make sure you keep a note and try to figure out why.

Find a Mentor:

Most of the people are either overconfident or they are unaware of the importance of having a mentor, mentor is someone who is experienced both success and failure. He is capable enough to suggest you the best possible way to success and to mark his positive influence in your life. One of the best ways to attain success in life is having someone who have already gone through the same phase and could make you aware of any hurdle that might come on your way.

Never give up:

You will never be called defeated until you call to give up, the most important factor out here is to never back down. Keep on working hard and maybe not in a short run but surely in the long run, all your hard work is going to pay off and you will keep on moving forward. You might as well fail a hundred times but if you don’t learn something from it, the failure is going to be worthless. Make sure you make the most of everything happening because there’s your hard work in it.

Apart from these tips, the best you can do is to observe the successful and learn from them. Start thinking the way they do and in a few years you’ll be what you desire!

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