7 Date Mistakes: That Will Turn Off Your Date

Dating MIstake

A man who has committing a mistake and doesn’t correct is committing another mistake- Confucius

We all need a 101 for to know about everything we do wrong on our dates. The mistakes we make on our date are so way far many and they always go unnoticed! For such situations, we always need a dating advice or date tips. Don’t you worry! We are here for you to know everything about this! We have a list of things where you might be going wrong and you need to give yourself a reality check. Check it out:

No plans:

Okay so the one main thing you need to note down in your dating advice is that you have to have a plan. Yes, it is okay and good to leave the ‘planning’ option to your date sometimes, but take this as your strong date tip, they like it better when you plan it. If you seem to be having the not so normal dates with your partner, then that’s where you are going wrong. Also, if you plan the date then it will be something that she will impressed about how well do you know her. Think about it and take this dating advice.

The liners:

Yes, one liners are cute when you are like what? 13? Well no more. You need to stop saying cheesy lines or things like why is a beautiful girl like you single and all. If she ends up being a feminist well, then you are gone for real. However, if you guys are just chilling and crack a joke and bring a smile on your face, it is absolutely fine. But if you are trying these one liners again and again, they will leave you date-less and nothing else.

The ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude:

Well fuckboys are pretty attractive but acting like an asshole is a completely different thing. If you keep on acting like you do not give a damn about who she is what does she likes; in short knowing her at all, then you will just end up dating yourself and nothing else. You need to make sure you do show some interest and not avoid her.

Phones away:

If you have any device with you, keep them away from you. If you will be busy on your phone or any electronic device, you will end up facing nothing but a slap across your face. Might be a virtual one but yeah the rejection hurts hard. It will hurt like a bitch.


Never ever talk about your ex or past relationship with partners for the first few dates. Specially till you do not feel comfortable. Your dating advice diary should have this written down like a thousand all over it. There is a reason why they are your ex, because they are not supposed to be spoken about again. Take this date tip and you can then move forward.


Yes, as shocking as this sounds, there are men who bitch about people or the previous dates you have been to. There are high chances that the date will end up thinking that you will probably do the same when you guys end. In fact, that is a true high possibility.

Basic manners:

This one is the last yet one of the most important pointers to be mentioned. You need to have even the most basic manners when you have to be around a lady. In fact, in any situation you should make sure that your basic manners are up right and not compromised for anything at all. Basic manners and values should be something that you wear like clothes that you would wear every day.

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