7 Different 30-days Challenges You Should Try Atleast Once !!!

30 days challenge

I am sure you are aware of the “30 days challenges” that are going on around us these days. For those who don’t know, they are basically these challenges that ask you to follow a particular exercise with proper reps which keep on increasing every day.

They help you grow your particular body part and muscle. It also increases your stamina and helps you boost your energy. The daily challenges have a day off as well for rest. Check out the 7 “30 day challenges you should know about”…

30 Day Plank Challenge:

It is mainly to increase the stamina of your core. It’s all about maintaining a difficult position for a certain period of time. This is about increasing the time limit of the plank from 5 seconds at the start to a certain minute.

No Equipment 30 Day Challenge:

Gym equipment are known to be hyped and most expensive ways to exercise and workout. So what you can do is take this challenge where you don’t use any of the equipment and see if without the equipments, are there any differences to be seen and are they really helpful or not. In fact this is the best way to find out if workouts are best suited for you or not before buying any equipments.

30 Days Major Diet Change Challenge:

It is not at all easy to suddenly stop eating all the junk food present around us. In fact it’s not even good for our body to suddenly stop eating all the unhealthy stuff around us as our body won’t be able to adapt to it. We should try getting the changes in our body slowly and gradually. This way our body will be able to sink in more and more vitamins and proteins and remove all the toxins from our body.

30 Day Abs Challenge:

Well this challenge does not exactly promise you to get abs in 30 days, but it surely helps you to get your body in the fitness mode to have your abs in a couple or more months. This will help you get your muscles from rigid to flexible and tone your stomach and abs area at to its initial stages and then later let it go up to that higher level where you wish to take it ahead.

30 Day No Junk Food Challenge:

This is worth the follow. It will help you get rid of your habit to eat junk food daily and will control your urge for junk food. Though here you can keep the intake of fats and carbs on by your homemade food and all but the overall idea is to give a full stop to your junk food and those highly adulterated foods that help you destroy your body.

30 Day Push Up Challenge:

This challenge let’s you experience various types of pushups and just like planks will help your arms and your back and chest portion. This challenge also lets you explore more about your body and give an overall exercise.

30 Day Full Body Workout Challenge:

This challenge helps you experience full body workout and give your body the flexibility and that little bit of tone that you deserve. It will help you loosen up your muscles and lets you stretch your body which you haven’t done in time.

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