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The only foreplay I really need is for a guy to kiss my hip bone. The hip is the most erotic and neglected body part. Kiss the hip bone with lips… – Karen McDougal.

Foreplay for women is like honeymoon phase for a relationship. It is so very essential for them to get turned on. Without foreplay, she will not be able to stay turned on for long and the sex will be really painful for both of you. It is important that she is really wet down there to have a real good, easy, pleasureful sex. If your foreplay game is strong, you will definitely be able to have better sex. If you do not have a good foreplay game, it is better you get some good foreplay tips. A good foreplay can help women with their female stimulation.

Just in case if you feel that you are not that good enough with your foreplay, do not worry at all. We have all the possible foreplay tips that you will need to help your girl with the female stimulation. Here are some of the most easy tips that we can suggest you:

1) Strip for each other:

Well before both of you go ahead of the first base, unbuttoning the clothes and all, go for some good stripping for each other. Maybe play a small game or if possible go for cosplay so that when both of you are stripping, you guys need to spice it up a little. Female stimulation is really important and for that it is even more important to know the ways which excite her. Stripping can be fun and both of you will enjoy it. So step number one for a good foreplay tip is stripping.

2) Dry humping:

Never tried dry humping before? Its time to try it now. This is something that you must have done when both of you were in the honeymoon phase. Try thinking about getting it back? Dry humping can surely excite you and her a lot more than anything for starters when you wish to tempt her. This will make her want to want you more. It does get a little nasty and wild. This will surely turn your girl on really well and we can assure you that you will not regret it for sure. Step number two for foreplay tip, dry humping.

3) Talk dirty:

Excitement is the real key actually let the female stimulation kick in. dirty talks will excite your girl so good which you cannot even imagine about. Talking dirty is as well a talent. If you know exactly what turns her on and will help out the female stimulation then yes, go for it. Do not stop yourself in the moment. This will surely get her all excited and she will throw in some good amount of interest too. So your step number three as a foreplay tip will be to start talking dirty.

4) Blindfold her:

It is a very famous foreplay tip to actually blindfold her and start with the foreplay and do things to satisfy her. this will increase her eagerness and it will surprise her all the more. More emotions will mean more satisfaction. female stimulation could not get better if there were such surprising attempts to turn her on. Since she cannot see anything, see has no idea about what are you up to and what are you going to do. She will surely not be able to resist you and it will benefit you the most, if you know what we mean *wink*. Your foreplay tip number four says to go for blindfold.

5) Kinky stuff:

Girls love it when sometimes certain things are not under their control. They would prefer it even more when they are blindfolded. So for the kinky things, maybe try to tie her hands and take that control out off her. when things go a little wild, it is the right time to excite her as much as you can. Especially if she is willingly ready to do it. Surprise her then as much as you can. Pull her hair a little and go a little just a little rough. Spank her if you like. And here you have your fifth foreplay tip.

6) Boobies:

Now who does not like boobies? If you do not that’s a complete lie or maybe you’re gay. While making out, they are the most playful things to go for. Try squeezing them. However, do not squeeze them so hard that it is difficult for her to enjoy it and rather scream out in pain. Lick them a little and make sure you touch them right. Start by caressing them lightly with your hand and gentle kisses. Slowly start will sucking and go for the nipples. Rub the nipples a little bit and tempt her. this will help her really good with the female stimulation. Try giving her a hickey over there near her cleavage. Girls LOVE it. So your sixth foreplay tip talks about making her boobies your best friends, or rather, your breast-friends.

7) Lick her down there:

The last but not the least is to go down there. The best way to actually make the female stimulation at the very best is by going down. The best way to do it is by for the starters letting her keep her panties on and rub her clot and vagina through it. This will really wet her down there. Slowly you can go ahead and remove her panties and start licking down there. This will turn her on more than anything. Playfully rub her clit and vagina and this will really help her out. This is where you end her the foreplay. She will have a good female stimulation and then you guys are ready to have good sex now.

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