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stages of breakup

quotation-marks-leftNever go back to an old love, its like reading a same book again when already know how it ends..

According to the various suggestions, your breakup can be measured in different stages. These stages of breakup help you understand your emotional intake and outtake of the different emotions that you will be feeling through the day of the breakup. a lot of relationship advice when it comes to stages of breakup will be about how miserable you get at first or how crazy you go.

Well both of them are two extremes and none of them are true. Yes guys are emotional driven too when in a relationship but yes the way they deal with a breakup is human likely too. They don’t turn into party animals or go all oh my god help me. We have broken down the phases in a much better way for you and let’s hope that you can relate very closely to it:

1# Shock:

Well obviously at first you are in shock. You go all ‘wtf just happened’ because you thought that all this while you guys were doing great! Of course you are in the kind of phase where you did not expect something like this to happen. It will hurt you and break you into pieces. You might as well be left in a very emotion-less state. But trust us, it is very normal! Every relationship advice will just ask you to get through it. In factyou will not take more than just a few selected days to get over this phase. This is the phase 1 from stages of breakup.

2# Denial (from oh my to oh no!):

Denial, our very second stage which makes you go from shock to a very much nope it is not true stage. You will have constant negative reactions and you will not be ready to accept the breakup. you feel that it will take all of you away if you accept the breakup and pretty much kill you from the inside too. However, you are lucky if you do not hang on to this phase 2 from stages of breakup. it really will break you into pieces if it stays for long. As scary as it sounds, it is all the more difficult to get out of it. A relationship advice will only ask you to divert your mind as much as you can from this and start dealing with right.

3# Winding up alone at home:

Isolation is another way and another phase to deal with the breakup. you will probably turn your phone off, keep on eating home delivery food, Netflix will be your best friend, look at the pictures and cry, chocolates, ice cream and a lot of things will be your only companion. You will not want anyone or anything around you. You might as well just stay in bed all day in your same old dirty pajamas and criticize yourself for everything that has gone wrong. This is just the third phase from stages of breakup. you wont even know what time of the day it is.

4# Alcohol if my only friend:

Soon the bars around the town become your various second home and you really enjoy drinking alcohol. It helps you get your emotions out, in many various different ways that you did not even expect. Your capacity is going to reach its peak where just having one peg or two won’t satisfy you but you will instead ask for something like a quarter or a half bottle. and then soon it will just go on to one whole bottle or two. This is only when the break up is really bad. You will lose yourself and as well let yourself really loose and will be okay with whatever you do. You think whatever you are going is right and there is no backing off to it. Just the fourth stage of breakup.

5# Sober up:

Now is the time when you will realize that alcohol or smokes or any sort of drug addiction is not going to do any good to you. Yes, you get your senses back to their place and this will help you sober up and you will stop letting your thoughts wander around. You will get them back to their places and this will help you realize a lot of things about yourself. Which is really good enough because now you are getting back in to your original state. The fifth stage of breakup.

6# Addiction:

This is the time where you decide to get addicted to a particular hobby. You try to get some new hobby. Mostly guys get into working out and making your body better. Excelling in this type of addiction or rather said doing great with this type of hobby will make you stronger and confident about yourself. You will stop loosing yourself and know where the limits are. This is your 6thstage of breakup.

7# Rebound:

Well even though you have sobered down, it does not mean that you refuse from having some fun. You tend to fall for a rebound. You will start thinking that your temporary love is the true love. This rebound love is mostly only for the attention that you have now lost and you like it that way for a while. It is not a serious relationship. It is mostly only about fooling around and having some fun. Well what is wrong with that anyway. 7thstage of breakup.

8# Acceptance:

Now is the time when you have almost given up on finding true love. You realize that your last relationship was nothing but a rebound and you are happy knowing that it is over. You still miss your ex and you have been stalking her like crazy on all of the social media networking sites.  But still, you are almost over her. You do not intend on getting back with her but you like knowing things about her. You are starting to accept that now nothing can happen anymore.

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