Definition of really good workout: when you Hate doing it, but you Love finishing it.

We all go through post workout sores and joint pains, at some point time we loved that post workout body pain but now it’s affecting your work productivity and you are willing to suspend that muscle soreness. Now you are pursuing to have post workout recovery solution. How are we supposed to take care of minor things so that we don’t experience muscle soreness too often? Here are some of the ways that will speed up your post workout recovery, hence will male you feel more relaxed  and will definitely make you feel better with better productivity.

Don’t skip stretching:

It might sound something like not so important and boring but stretching is the only thing can start off with getting your muscles flexible and remove the rigidness. You need to have that flexibility in your body so that you can work out harder. It is a great way to relieve muscular tension and will lower down your chances to have post workout soreness.

Quality sleep:

Night time is a self-healing time of human body, body release human growth hormones while sleeping, which helps in repairing the muscle tissues. Without optimum sleep human body won’t be able to recover itself and will result in muscle soreness, 7-8 hours of sleep is mandatory to recover damaged muscle tissues.

Researchers have shown how sleep deprivation and disorder can lead to negative performance of your workout. Low amount of sleep can make you mentally and physically weak. Also, you should get a proper timing to sleep.

Listen to Music:

Listening to music can be of great help to us. It is really helpful when we are working out because its tunes can help us relax and also aid in recovery. Slow rhythm songs can help us reduce our blood pressure as well as our pulse rates more quickly than anything after exercise.

Have Chocolate Milk:

As shocking it is, but it is true. The protein in hot chocolate will help us with our post workout recovery and proven to decrease the amount of time it takes for the body to actually recover. Chocolate milk is everyone’s favorite and no one can deny having it.

Lower Down your Intake of Alcohol:

We all don’t mind taking a peg once in a while just to relax ourselves. But for those who love alcohol and consume it quite often should take a break or cut down on it. It is proven that alcoholic drinks after workout can reduce the body’s stability to recover from the sores or anything we have.

Get a Massage:

Massages always help us feel better. They always let us relax and get our body flexible and let us repair ourselves. They lower down our stress and let us have a time to ourselves too.

Cold Bath:

Many of us are a hot water person. But having a cold bath after a workout has its own benefits. It can reduce post workout soreness and inflammation for about 24 hours after the exercise.


Make sure that you are having a lot of water. This helps our body repair itself in the best of ways. Water intake provides hydration to delicate muscle tissues, which ultimately lead to faster post workout recovery, that’s a reason Creatine helps preventing injuries. Even if you are not gymming, 8 glasses of water are essential for every normal human being.

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