9 Most Painful Places To Have A Tattoo.

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Tattoo’s are like Love, Beautiful and sometimes Painful..

Many people these days have been using tattoos as a body grooming tool to decorate there self, indeed for many of them tattoo is not just a fancy things; its a part of there mens grooming. Tattoos are a really big deal and you need to know that there are these certain places which are really painful while getting tattooed. The idea of getting a tattoo done is really fancy, but are you sure the place you have opted for is a good one? Even if the place is a good one you need to know and have the information if it will hurt you as much or how much you have expected it to. There are certain places which need to be avoided no matter what.

#1 Finger:

This is the latest trend. You get a few words done on the side of your fingers. Popularly words like “Karma” and “Yolo” have been on the hit list. Fingers are a really painful place to get your tattoo done. It will sting you like crazy and you need to make sure the tattoo parlor from where you are getting your tattoo done really does a good work and has good experience.

#2 Penis:

Personal grooming it good thing but there need to be some limit in order to keep it healthy. Repeatedly since years we have heard about people getting tattoos on their junk. Well this is something really very awkward and insane. The amount of pain that you go through while getting your junk inked is insane. It really is a painful place to get inked and a much more painful place when it is healing. Not only that but there are chances it might get infected too.

#3 Face:

We have had celebrities like Lil’ Wayne and others who have got their faces inked. Well, you as well need to ask them if their experience was good enough. Face is also the most painful place to get a tattoo done. It is something that you would love to go for but you need to remember that it is surely painful and you will have to take a lot of care until the tattoo heals. Additionally getting your face tattooed can also obstruct you from getting selected for your dream job. Choose wisely buddy, personal grooming is good but only to an extent.

#4 Wrists:

The most famous place to get a tattoo done, this is something our mens grooming advisor would suggest to have if you are willing to have your first tattoo. But it is also known that getting tattoo on wrists is something very risky and something as well really painful than the other body parts. Wrists have less mass and hence they can be a bit painful than the other places. Thought the tattoos on your wrist look really hot and if done well, they look very attractive.

#5 Feet:

Feet as well have really less mass of muscle and thus more of the visible bones. It is very important for you to know that getting a tattoo on your feet can be painful and plus really need work is expected since it is more of a weird place to get it done.

#6 Shoulder:

Shoulders as well because they have more of bones than rather mass it is very much obvious that shoulders will be a painful place to get your tattoo done too. It will look really hot though if you get a tattoo done over there.

#7 Inside of lips:

Till date it is kind of difficult to understand that why do people get a tattoo done to the inside of their lips. But well famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus as well have got a tattoo done to the inside of their lips. It surely does ache a lot and the logic still is pretty not known. Get a colored of a simple non colored tattoo inside of your lip but it will still be pretty logic less.

#8 Front neck:

The skin layer to the front of our neck is so thin and every time I see someone having a tattoo over there just aches my heart and skips a beat. How do people manage to bear the pain? It is so very difficult to get a tattoo over there. But well people get it done anyway and some of them are extremely pretty and hot.

#9 Ear:

The inside of your year or the backside is as well such a thin layer. The bone is thin too but the mass seems to exist in a very less quantity and that as well is a really painful thing. Thought tattoos on your look hot but are you going to go for the pain which it will give you?

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