9 Tips To Make Your Penis Look Bigger Naturally

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Men’s obsession to have bigger and longer penis will be never ending; companies all over world have been making tons of money by hoaxing males around the world.

According to analysis of Google data by economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz the tops penis related question was”How to make my penis bigger”

There is NO wonder pill available in market which will be able to enhance the size of your package, but still people have been spending thousands of dollars in those misrepresented advertisements.

Now there are 2 type of methods through which you will be able to make your penis look bigger naturally-

  • Through some fabulous hacks which will make it look bigger instantly
  • Exercising for its well being

Here are few hacks to make your package look bigger instantly


Those bushes are actually hiding big part of your package and making it look smaller and messed up. Many of people aren’t comfortable with shaving there private parts as they still consider these practice as a taboo, but you need to understand the changing requirement of this world.

Doing a complete shave isn’t compulsory, even trimming them could make it look well groomed and bigger than before.

Another advantage to manscaping is, it will be hugely appreciated by your lady, it’s found that most of the girls are not comfortable in giving blowjob to their partners it there public hairs aren’t trimmed or shaved; ofcourse no girl would like to take those hairs in their mouth.

Hot Water Shower

Special hack for those who are about to have some erotic time with their partner and are willing to make their penis look bigger and thick.

Hot water tends to relax your scrunched penis and increase the blood flow to make your flaccid penis (Non erect) look bigger.

This could be perfect solution to have just before the play; in addition to it, hot water will help you with some cleansing for better sexual experience (as ladies appreciate hygiene)

 Erotic Thoughts and Stretching

There are two types of Penis- Shower and Grower

Showers are the one who look longer being in flaccid situation, but while erect they don’t grow much.

While Growers are the one who stay scrunched most of the time and grow significantly when aroused.

Most of the penis are growers and tends to stay shrinked, but if you want it to look bigger than usual state then best way is to have some erotic thoughts for self arousal and you may try some stretching to keep the blood flow going and make it look bigger.

Quit Smoking

Although it’s not a technique to have a bigger member instantly but it will work wonders in long term, smoke addiction could lead to penis shrinkage upto 1 cm or may be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Everyone is aware of the fact that smoke contributes to the development of plaque in arteries that ultimately affect your heart health. Good erection is all about having better blood flow; smoking reduces body’s ability to have its optimum blood flow by creating blockage to the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to penis, which ultimately leads to weak erection.


This one is for those who are desperate to have bigger penis under doctors guidance, surgery would be the last possible solution that anyone will tryout.

This one is for those who are desperate to have bigger penis under doctors guidance, surgery would be the last possible solution that anyone will try out.


Exercises that would help to achieve bigger penis and stronger erection.

Time to lose some body Fat

You might hate to hit gym every morning but do it for sake of bigger penis, believe it or not obesity is responsible for half of your body problem and if you really want to live healthy and happy, start taking some fitness lessons.

Devoting 60 minutes to attain healthier body; you don’t just regain your lost energy level but will also be protecting self from disease like diabetes, which is really bad for your sexual life. Are you aware of the fact that more that 50% of the men suffering from diabetes are impotent?

Another reason to lose weight to make your package look bigger, a pad of fat that’s located at the base of the penis provided it perfect position to hide, which ultimately lead to smaller penis.

 Kegel exercise

This is an penis exercise used extensively for greater blood flow and stronger erection (which ultimately lead to bigger and stronger penis).

It’s often said ‘Size doesn’t matter’, it might be a true case for your girl too. Most of the girls are satisfied with the size of their partner’s member but what could probably offend her is your incapability to sustain for longer time.

Kegel is a wonder penis exercise that won’t just make your penis look good but will earn you lot of appreciation to make her cum. Through constant practice of kegel exercise you will be able to sustain your erection for more than 30 minutes, and this will surely be a game changer for you.

 Penis pump

We have been seeing many advertisements that vow its audience with a guarantee of bigger penis, these pumps have been present in the market since many decades but still there is lot of speculation over the effectiveness of these pumps.

Experts explains, “these pumps works by creating vacuum around penis and puts pressure on the walls of penis to have greater blood flow which could ultimately lead to bigger and thicker penis.”

There is still a different theory over the long-lastingness of increased size, and due to excessive or wrong use people might end up with rupturing blood vessels, vascular damage or even lead to permanent flabbiness.


Jelquing is a kind of penis massage which is done extensively to have a bigger one. It’s said, this technique originated from middle east and allegedly used by Arabs to enlarge their penis.

There is no proper proof that specify whether its effective enough to enlarge your penis but some claims this penis exercise to be effective when practiced over a long period, while there are few who asserts this technique to be a hoax.

This is a process to put more blood in corpora cavernosa (the spongy tissue through which penis is made of), Jelqing is performed by applying ‘Milking’ technique on penis, through this we push more blood to flow in through the walls of corpora cavernosa, which ultimately lead to stretched and bigger penal walls. Through constant practicing this technique for 3 months you will be able to see visible difference in the length and girth of penis.

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