A Doctor Who Treats Her Patients Scars By Tattooing Them.

tattoo camouflage

The first thought that comes into mind about tattoo is- something cool, sexy, insane, crazy, etc. but this doctor is doing something phenomenal, she is helping to stabilize any kind of scar that happened to her clients.

She can be seen treating her patient with burn marks, with the help of using skin color ink to match the pigmentation and make the scar disappear. She is even saving lot of money by saving them from expensive cosmetic surgeries.

This video features a 17 year old girl Sameera Omar, who is a victim of terrible bullying which made her suffer from severe burn injuries.  After the incident she was brought back to Canada where she found new hope in form of Basma Hameed who is a Micro Pigment Implantation Specialist.

Let’s have a look at her story of how she started tattooing any kind of scar or mark.

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