Someone who is unaware of the difference between alpha male and a Bad boy could easily confuse him/herself by considering both as same.

It’s a fact there is lot more similarity between alpha man and a bad boy; both are well aware of their skills with girls and act as a girl’s magnet, both of them are highly confident, protective, adventurous Indifferent from crowd, and many more similarities.

Bad boys are the one who knows how to turn things in his favor, they are really good with ladies and most of them are famous form there indifferent skills to lead and protest in any situation. They are the most courageous and attention seekers. But all these qualities describe the Real Alpha Males too, then what’s the difference between both of them?

But what makes a alpha from a bad boy? Here we are going to explain the how both the guys differ from each other.

There Stability and Perseverance-

Bad Boy- Weather it concerned to girls or work bad boys are highly unstable and unfocused guys. They have a capability to lead crowd but they lacks the stability to lead their way in a long run.

Alpha Male- While Alpha males are the most stable one and usually have great leadership skills to lead till the end. They pursue unbeatable amount of focus to make things done.  Alpha males have shown great character while in relationship too, they are the most loved by girls but they are considered to be loyal to ladies.

 Maturity Level –

Bad Boy- Both the categories are capable enough to take their own decision but when it comes to have fair and mature decision alpha male have no competition. On the other hand maturity isn’t necessary to be a Bad boy, they are known to take there own decision, it doesn’t matter how’s that’s going to affect others life.

Alpha Male- Alpha itself means A Leader and they have got some exceptional talent to take matured decisions to safeguard the interest of his team, family and friends.

 Being Gentleman-

Bad Boy- As the name implies bad boys are usually known for their non gentle decisions and approach towards life, they like to deal life in harsh manner and not to be a man of honour.

Alpha Male- They know how to make things done in their favor that’s it. But when it comes to an Alpha male he knows how to behave humbly, they don’t show there harsh side unnecessarily. They are the one with pure and caring character.

Career Perspective-

Bad Boy- While alpha male is securing any kind of job bad boy will be having a bit of problem in order to get the job they want. There rude and done give a Fu*k attitude plays very important role for the denial of job and when they get the job it becomes extremely difficult for them to deal with the situations where he will be dominated by his seniors and subordinates

Alpha Male- Alpha’s usually get the best job for them due to their leadership and management skills, they are diplomatic enough to deal with any kind of situation while at workplace.

Bill Gates said- “Be nice to nerds, chances are you will end up working for one of them”

There Values-

Bad boy- As their name suggests they surely lacks basic values that’s their only reason why they don’t be able to cope up with the growth of alpha male. Their main motive is to dominate and get things done by hook or crook.

Alpha male- They have always been tremendously believing and maintaining their values. There values are everything and that’s the foundation of their existence. They are ambitious, high achievers, thinkers, caring and diplomatic people who don’t ask people to respect them, they believe in earning respect.


Appropriate example for difference between alpha male and a bad boy can we taken from any movie:

In mostly of Hollywood or any other regional movie there is usually a hero and a villain. If you try to study their nature deeply both have same nature and traits like- being a leader, dominating, talented, protective towards their family and friends etc. but when we look at the broader spectrum we could see there is a basic difference of Values, Stability and their Perspective.

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