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As the name suggest, FabAplha is a site created to bring out the Fabulous Alpha Men within all of us. is a men’s interest E-Magazine created to make your life better. We are a group of anonymous people, writers, entrepreneurs, style guide, fitness experts, editors, managers, motivational speakers, etc. This website is created especially for Indian men who need a inspiration, motivation and guidance to make their life Fabulous. We have been serving the society since long time and we were really shocked to realize there is no sufficient expertise available on internet for Indian Males to make their life better, yes there were few websites and bloggers who were writing great content but we felt, they all were falling short to fulfill the requirements and cover-up all the relevant topics. So our team took a responsibility to start a magazine that will concentrate specially on Indian males and will try to figure there problems and solutions for those problems. Our editors and writers have high specialization in their particular streams and subjects. Here at we are highly motivate to provide you best content from all the categories like – Health, Relationship, Grooming, Power and Money, Sex experts, technology, entertainment & News.

Our team is dedicated to bring out the “Real Men” within you and help you to live your life better and stay Fabulous.

If you have any concern regarding- complaints, suggestions, job enquiries, etc. Drop us a message by filling your Information below in Contact Us form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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