Girl To Man: This Is How Testosterone Level Transform Your Body.

This video is an answer to all those who think “lifting weight could make women bulky”, NO lifting does not make women bulky or manly, but level of testosterone does.

The reason why women cant gain muscles like a man is simple, they done have those two magical balls below in their body.

A 21 year old transgender, who was born biologically with a body of female, then went through Sex Reassignment Surgery. But surgery was not enough to achieve manliness so this 21year old took testosterone hormone injections for 3 years. Jamie took a selfie every single day, from the day of his first injection till the end of three years.

Video showcased transformation of Jamie into a confident young man that he knew he was.

Note** This video is posted with the intention of showing the effects of testosterone on human body and not to promote any synthetic hormone use .

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Fabalpha Team

Fabalpha Team

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