When it comes to best beach body sexy back plays very important role.  Toned sexy back can make your look fabulous and will generate best core strength for the body too.

From swing of hand to lifting of heavy weight the stronger your back muscles are, the better will be your performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete or a model or a corporate guy strong back is an absolute requirement for everyone.

There are some simple mantras which could be followed to get the absolutely ribbed and strong back. But before we get into the discussion of how to achieve a sexy beach back we need to discuss what the benefits of having strong back are-

Benefit of strong back

  • Extended power- back plays a key role in body capability, it’s not just to look great but it is the spine of body and the one who coordinates with hips, legs, shoulders, arms and chest muscle to make things done. There is no doubt the stronger your back is, the better will be your performance.
  • Slimmer waistline- Who don’t want to have broader shoulders but slimmer waistline? Try some additional shoulder session with the slimmer waistline and you can make your tummy disappear on shirt or t-shirt.
  • More calorie burning- Back comprise of some of the bulkiest and largest pair of muscles on the body. The more muscle you can get on back the more you will be able to burn calories naturally and boost up your metabolism.
  • Better posture- Posture is one of the most important element of great personality. Better posture is always required weather you are giving an Interview or a Presentation. But how you are going to achieve that great posture? Simply by taking your Back schedule bit more seriously, straight back, screeched in stomach helps you look better and you can achieve that by building some great back muscle to lift your back straight naturally all day long.

Body weight exercises for stronger back

Best way to get your back in shape is to concentrate of the body weight exercises for the back which will give your back the ultimate shape. Have the sets of pull-ups, chin-ups and pushups to get your back the best possible toning.

Concentrate on every muscle

One more thing we need to keep in mind is that we have to cover all the muscle to get sexier back. We need to work on Upper and Outer lats, Middle back, Lower lats and Lower back periodically so that all the muscle will be developed well. Back is not just one of the strongest body parts but complicated too due to interconnected muscle groups.

Opt for Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to sculpt the great shape for the back. Through swimming you can get the athlete style sexy back that will be very appreciated by all chicks and can help you to cut down lot more calories too.

 Lift heavy in other core exercises

Other exercises will also help you to sculpt your back in better way. Since back is the backbone of the body and whatever exercises you do your back will always get toned up. So by just increasing some for other exercises you can make your back better and stronger. Exercises like Bench press, Squats, Bent over dumbbell rise, Shrugs have lot of back muscles involved, which ultimately lead to toning of back muscles simultaneously.

Don’t overdo it

After reading the advantages of having sculpted  and strong back you might be feeling restless to have your full focus on it but remember your back is one of the most important part of the body functioning. In order to get the best possible back don’t overdo it else you will be creating problem for yourself. Possibility of muscle damage is high if done is excess and it may lead to any spinal injury.

Eat clear

It’s a very simple fact that if you want awesome physique first thing you need to do is eat clean. Eating clean is the first step to get that dream physique. Increase the protein intake of body and in addition try to have other vitamins too in order to provide your body all essential nutrition. If you are relying on egg’s then don’t throw away all the yellow part, it have more nutritional values that egg white.

Consult certified trainers

Working on the back is typically a bit dangerous since there is always a threat of having the muscle damage or slip disk problem. We will refer you to do all the exercises according to the fitness expert available in your gym else you might hurt yourself. If you are new to Deadlift’s then never try it without a pro trainer by your side. Deadlift is one of the best exercise but stay cautious weather you are doing it right or not, else you could have some serious injuries.


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