Healthy Food Items That Aren’t Healthy Actually !!

Healthy Food

30% gym, 70% diet; Abs are made in kitchen not in gym.

Many a times we are dumbfounded by the variety of the products that exist around us. We don’t even research and check out if the product or the food item that we are eating is even good for us or not. Having knowledge for what is good and what is bad for our body is very important as the results can be seen at the later stages, and they necessarily may not be good.

Anything if eaten in excess can harm our body and cause inconvenience after a period of time. One should be aware of what he is eating and if it is even good for our body or not. It is very important to know about the food products that one should avoid and hence here are the 6 food products which you should definitely avoid (you might wish that how this was not true, but yes they do cause you harm).

Flavored Yogurt:

We all know that yogurt is really good for our body and is tastier when it’s flavored. But we really need to know that these flavored yogurts aren’t good for our body for real. Just because it says its fat free, it’s not really safe for our body. The amount of flavored yogurt you eat increases double the calories; opt for unflavored of Greek yogurt.

Flavored Soymilk:

We all think anything flavored is absolutely delicious but we also need to find out if it is good for health of not. Just like flavored yogurt is as good as harmful for our health, so is flavored soymilk.

Energy Drinks:

These energy drinks might give a huge boost to work harder because of all the caffeine and vitamins, and minerals and we might as well will be tempted to drink more and more of it. They are not regulated by the FDA so it’s the best to stick to the normal mineral water.

Gluten Free Products:

Gluten Free products are not for normal people like us who don’t need it. It is not only unsuccessful at providing us benefit but also lowers down our nutrient intake which causes overall harm to us. Those who don’t need gluten free product should totally avoid buying it.

Frozen Food:

Frozen food items have a lot of preservatives in them. It might save our work from going to the kitchen and cooking and preparing the food but it is better to keep them in their package forever. It contains high level of sodium which is not at all good for our body and can thus cause us harm at the later stage.


Now how we all wish that something like pizza was healthy to eat because there’s no one on earth who cannot like pizza. For those who love meat or for those who are vegetarians, pizza is not good for either of them. The amount of calories goes into your body because of the bread they bake and they cheese they out is too high. Hence it is better if we avoid it.

Packed food products are seldom beneficial to your body and hence you should avoid them as much as possible and stick to the fresh, natural and unprocessed food items.

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