How To Get Your Ex Back Again In 7-Steps

Tips to get your ex back

quotation-marks-left  Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together..

Not that we want to give you any false hopes of getting your ex back but yes it is a tough thing to do. To get your ex back is one tough job. Well not really that tough, if you have some certain things in your mind like why did it end and what is she expecting from you. Relationships end for a reason. Things don’t work out and one of you is not ready to settle for various reasons. Relationship problems are very obvious and you can only find a loop hole to get out of it IF you start considering the following pointers which we are about to give you.

But before you make your mind to get her back you need to reconsider the reason of breakup and do you really want her back? Here are few things to determine before you start your mission to get her back.

Reason of breakup ?

First thing you need to do is, take a piece of paper and start writing the reasons of breakup. Are those reasons small enough to be rehabilitated or forgotten? If yes then you can consider read further points to get your ex back.

Stating the reason behind your breakup will definitely clear your perception about whether you really want to get her back in life or not. Most of the time people tends to feel the emptiness after breakup and they temporarily forgets the reason

Why you want her back?

Some time you might want her because of the emptiness you feel without her or your Ego might be the reason too, but this will eventually lead to break up again. Now let’s write the pro’s and con’s of having her, and compare both. Still seems to want her? Lets go ahead with further points.

How much compromise you are willing to do now?

quotation-marks-left  Being with no one is better that being with wrong one..

No relation is perfect but you guys had called-off for a break-up due to those imperfections, are you willing to compromise those glitches for your relationship?

Then let’s have a look at solutions to get your ex back again.


Reconnect with those old mutual friends

It’s a best way to know the current status and how you should opt to approach her again. By involving others to sort-out your differences you are just increasing your chances of being successful. Mutual friends will not just help her to change perception but will also motivate her to give you another chance aswell.

Don’t call them or text them 24*7 –

quotation-marks-left  Everything is going to be all right, maybe not today but eventually

Yes, both of you have broken up but it does not mean that you text her or call her all the time like how you would before. If you want the break p to turn into just a time limited break, then you will have to give her some break. To get your ex back it is essential that you let her miss you a little. You should be able to resist yourself from calling her or texting her all the time.

Having ‘the talk’ every now and then –

It is good that you are willing to take initiatives to get things sorted between both of you. But just like you cannot text her or call her all the time, you need to avoid having the talk every now and then as well. Let her go a little. Have such talks barely once or twice which will actually show that you are willing to take efforts to make the relationship work.

Work on yourself –

If she has left, there should be a reason behind. Like your behavior or something that went wrong by you. It’s not always easy to get your ex back with the same character and personality; you will need to work on yourself eventually in order to get her back in life. There have to be bunch of things she always hated and were genuine enough which you really can work on and will help you give yourself a better insight.

Hit the gym –

Well it is definitely not wrong to make your girl tempt for you a little. Hit the gym and make some good body. Work out well and get those arms and biceps and abs all attractive and tempting. This will not just help you get your ex back but if you have any confidence problem, it will help you work on it too. It is one thing that will definitely work. Get yourself a crazy good make over and there are 70-90% chances that your girl will want you back.

Take it slow-

Reason is you both need a break and need to restart things as you did for first time. Try giving her lesser attention and treat her as a real good friend, talk about good old moments, visit old hangouts and make sure to enjoy the moment.

But try not to talk about sore memories again and again, it’s good to acknowledge the past mistakes but should be done in limit only. Try to better concentrate on present, instead of crying about past.

Stop giving her attention –

A lot of times the break up is just for name sake; to ask for more attention perhaps. Stop giving her the attention. Giving her the space will make her realize that okay she really needs to you. To stop giving her the attention will also mean that you are now going to stop caring which will again make her question the break up.

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