When hypocrisy reaches to the extreme level it starts choking people of society. That’s what happen on tweeter few days ago when #BecauseItsIndia tended on the first place in India.

Whole tweeter stumbled upon these awesome series of tweets posts started by few people and then whole nation joined hands to reveal the level of hypocrisy, but while reading those tweets every person will find some level of Hypocrisy in our self and it just force us to think did we reached to the level when we all are busy in abusing and back bitching others instead of working on self?

Stereotyping others is getting common and I believe time have arrived when we should start looking on our backyard first.

Here we are bringing you the biggest Double standard facts that are becoming face of New India –


About Parenting


Being Orthodox  


On Music


Girl child-  




Gender discrimination  


Women while period’s


Seriously ?  


People these days


On marriage  


Double standard in Speech


  Engineering truth


Three type of people, LOL..

ROFLMAO, on Pakistan


Sunny leone on TV? Find that Fuc*ing remote and Change the channel


Indian Groom Double Standard


Some serious problem in system, Urinal every where


What about Pakistani Indian’s ?

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Fabalpha Team

Fabalpha Team

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