Resume plays a crucial role in winning any job, it’s a weapon which is going to decide whether you are going to win the war against all candidates in competition and your first impression on the interviewer’s mind.

I have worked as an HR Manager for many years in different multinational companies and today I am going to share my experience with how the best resume can be created and make sure to create a concrete impact on Interviewer’s mind.

The biggest problem most of the job seekers face is they are not aware of what their interviewer want to see, hence they couldn’t create the optimum curriculum vitae for the job. Yes, it’s true every employer will be having different perception but there is something common in all of them.

Here are few tips to create a job winning resume

1# Specific resume for particular job-

The biggest misconception youngsters have is having multiple talents will make them more winnable for the job, Jobseeker generally tries to prove that he is “One size fits all candidate” through his resume. It can be proved hazardous for your job opportunity.

Try to create a resume as per the job requirement and if needed create separate resume for every particular job vacancy to make the chances better to get the job.

2# Making it too long or too short.

It generally takes 15-20 seconds for an interviewer to review your whole resume and if resume is not created with a well-planned way he might miss the key points.

Try not to make it larger than 2 pages by elaborating the content but make sure not to trim any useful or required skills in order to make it short.

3# Focus on the Keywords

As specified earlier resume should not be limited to a piece of paper with all your skills and achievements mentioned in it rather it should act as an introduction of an individual for a particular job.

Try focusing on the specific keywords specified in the job requirement or the skill keywords for which job is for. Best way of writing great curriculum vitae is to mark the specific skills keywords required and then mentions your past work experiences, skills and accomplishments accordingly. For example, you can use keywords like Customer service, Team lead, Controller, Manager etc

4# Machine readable resume

Aware of term “Machine readable resumes”? in order to save precious time of Hiring manager big brands are now opting to take help of machines to sort the most favorable resumes. They scan the whole resume and searches for particular “keywords and skills” they are probably searching for. This process reduced the stress and time consumption for hiring managers to sort every resume manually.

All you need to take care of including all those keywords within your resume which hiring manager might be looking for since computer will not be getting your fancy language so try to keep it simple and up to the point.

5# Let the resume speak

Make your resume more understandable and stand out of crowd, it should create a perfect blend of ambience for you while giving your interview.

There are very small points you need to keep in mind before creating a self-sufficient resume.

  • Avoid any typo and grammatical mistakes, it creates the worst impression in interviewers mind and it also shows your seriousness towards the job
  • Use the bold, Italian, underlined fonts with great caution. These fonts can prove to work wonders for you when it comes to highlighting your key skills and characteristics.
  • Use bullet points to make it look simple, clear and understandable
  • Avoid fancy layouts, fonts or any special effect.

6# Identify the Accomplishment in Job requirements

In order to prepare a perfect resume for the job you don’t just need to go through the job description instead look into the accomplishments they are willing to see within the candidate.

Identifying the accomplishment will help you to highlight and mention your key skills within your curriculum vitae and let the interviewer judge you for the job.

  •  Focus on the job requirement and identify what skills should be required for the job.
  •  Ask yourself what are your unique skills according to job description.
  •  Don’t just mention your past job description rather mention your accomplishments while pursuing that job.
  •  Example- instead of mentioning I worked in XYZ company as a manager, mention you have managed team of 20 subordinates, growth percentage of your team after you join into work and everything that will prove you to be a great manager.

7# Replace objective with career summary

Mentioning objective can be stated as an old school practice, these days most employers are not much interested in going through that sections

Note* jobs with unique criteria’s could need this section, for example: jobs like wildlife photographer where candidate need to specify his passion towards job.

It can be greatly helpful for the interviewer to go through summary of the whole resume with section and once again you have the opportunity to mark your key skills and keywords to make sure employer have noted them

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