Wait is over, all speculations are ended and congress vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi has returned to Delhi.

And even tweeter has exploded with the tweets following #Rahulreturns

While whole nation is celebrating the return of Rahul Gandhi. Some of them are busy in trolling Vice President of Congress.

Here we are presenting you some of the best compilation tweets came across internet on the occasion of #RahulReturns



# All of us reaction-


# Return of the King ? Really ??



# Subscription to some new channels . Check !



# Traditional warm welcome..

<blockquote eXclusive Pic of #RahulReturns via @ndtv pic.twitter.com/y1Zeg7qN5L


# Sounds legit?


  # This one is hilarious



# Hahaha Can understand the happiness of BJP supporters..


  # Congress Perspective



# BJP’s Perspective


# Wonder, worry and relief all together..



# Raul Vinci ?? :P

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Fabalpha Team

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