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Leadership qualities

Every business requires a group of fantastic leaders who would be able to run the business efficiently while maintaining complete harmony within workplace. There are thousands of business schools teaching managerial, administrative and leadership qualities to fulfil the business requirement. But unfortunately there is nothing like ‘one size fit all’ quality when it truly comes to leadership.

A lot of people say that leaders are made and not born. But it cannot be argued that some people carry inherent qualities which make them stand out from the rest, it maybe their booming voice or their outgoing personality or there powerful money spells that they make. Great leaders are always born; they command respect of the rest and incite fear among them as well. They can get their way easily with others but also get along with others at the same time. There are certain qualities which people acquire over years that make them a better leader.

 Being Fair:

A leader should always be fair in their decisions. A biased leader is never liked by anyone. If a king is bias towards a certain section of the society the rest of the society will end up resenting him and eventually he will be overthrown. Therefore, a person who is inherently fair and just becomes a perfect choice of being a people’s leader.

Right Decision

Leadership without a decision making capabilities are simply good for nothing. Taking right decision at right time can be crucial for any business house, and that’s what born leaders enjoy doing. They might not be the best workers but they have some extraordinary decision making skills that make them stand out of crowd.

History is flooded with people who had badly graded in their studies but they became the most successful leader world have ever seen before. All they knew is to take right decision for the welfare of people who depends of them.

Listening Skills:

Leader is someone who can listen to problem of everyone and then take a right decision, without proper listening skills no one can be a great leader, all you can be is ‘Dictator’.

If you happen to be a good listener, it immediately makes people trust you. As a leader one of the most basic requirements is the ability to be able to listen to the majority. If a person is impatient and doesn’t listen to the problems of others, people will not like him. He will not be aware of what is happening around him and therefore will not be able to work in the best interests of the people.

Being Open to Criticism:

A person who takes criticism constructively and takes it as an opportunity to better themselves will always command respect of the rest.  Being able to welcome any kind of criticism will give you exceptional listening skills which will ultimately groom your administration qualities.

If one is open to criticism and doesn’t take it too personally, he becomes more aware of the surrounding. It also opens up one’s eyes to the problems being faced by their behaviour.

 Their Ability to Stand Up:

True leader is someone who will take you where you will not go alone. That’s the reason why leaders are born, people can pretend to be a leader but what really matters is how you take your stand certainly.

If you are feeling some discomfort or are discontent with the way things are going and you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in, you are born a leader. Many people refuse to stand up for themselves or for the rest. This is what sets leaders apart from followers.


A leader does not wait for others to start work so that he can start their work.  A leader is an independent person who works well both in a team and individually. He does not require the company of other people to feel comfortable to start something new.

 Valuing Relationships:

A leader understands that human relationships carry much more importance than any objective goal that has been set by the company. Therefore, the main aim of a leader is to harmonize the relationship between the people so that they can work together. If work is given more importance than human relationships, the overall efficiency of the company shall fall in the long run, where people will resent each other’s company and look for excuses to not work with each other.

 They Ignore Naysayers

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I believe in taking decisions and then making them right”- Mr. Ratan Tata.

There will be stage which is never achieved by anyone before and people will demoralise you to work for it, but that’s what creates a difference between a follower and a leader.

One of the best trait found in almost every leader is they don’t believe in naysayers, they are great in holding there stand towards their decision and making it right.

The one, who is capable of working on his vision, doesn’t matter how impossible it look but they have a capability to fight against every odd and make things done for their organisation and family.

Influencing quality

This might be specified in the last but should be considered as one of the most important factor of creating a leader, no one have ever seen a leader with Zero followers.

Born leaders are someone who has extraordinary qualities to influence people and make people follow them (without any external force). These guys are so exceptionally good in there communication skills that they have quality to make accept them as their leader.

But what about those people who don’t have a talent of being a Leader? I have an advice for you- “Talent if going to fail if you are not enough skilled, but you can concentrate on working harder to possess every single attribute of true leader”.

So maybe you should try inculcating these positive values in you and it will surely make you a better leader!

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