The Way Ants Shown Their Resistance Towards South Carolina Floodwaters Will Stun You!

ants survived flood water through there team work

Individually we are one drop but together, we are an Ocean.

Ants have proved this to be a reality; teamwork has always been a strong point of ants, and no wonders how these tiny creatures have been surviving this harsh nature since millions of years.

While covering flood conditions of Greenville County, S.C. A Fox News Carolina reporter had observed very unusual yet fabulous piece of team work.

While witnessing the flood situation in South Carolina reporter observed a raft like arrangement floating on the flood water, but later they realised it’s a colony of fire ants using their own bodies to prepare a raft alike structure. Reportedly these ants can remain in a formation for weeks.

Checkout this stunning video-


FOX Carolina 21

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