Why does meeting her friends for first time is tough as hell or some time it may seem like an interview where you need to keep eye on your body language and your words. Why do we need to create good impression? Yes it’s true that you love her and you don’t need to put extra efforts to have a good impression but still it matters allot.

Know this: Most of the girls are not independent about making own decisions as we guys are so her friend’s plays key role in her life and her decision making capability. If friends are not having a good gut feeling about you then situation may get tensed up soon. It’s a fact that women get affected by their friend’s opinions. These friends are the one who will be helping her to make her mindset towards you, girls generally believes in discussing issues with her besties, so believe me there suggestions towards you may decide your relationship’s future too. Here are few most common traits they will be looking in you to make their mind towards you.


Is He Flirting?

I had a personal experience with this, I was in love with a cute girl and time came when I had a chance to meet her friends. Everything went great and I thought I just rocked my first impression until I had some after party talk with my bae. And I was totally shocked by the way her friends reviewed me, since I was acting very nice, gentle and funny towards all of them; they misinterpreted me as a flirt.

So this is a situation you need to take care of, deal with them in courteous way but don’t try to be over friendly in first meet, be a good listener and respond them humbly.

Your Opinion-

How strong your opinion is towards various aspect of life make real difference between an ordinary guy and real man. They all came to meet you so they will be expecting your opinion over various things like any trending news or relationship goals. They are there to listen and judge you over your perspective over different things in life.

Appearance Plays A Role

As always first impression will always have a most important aspect of meeting her friends. Your looks will help them to conclude how you are going to be, truth is even there are meeting you for the first time and they are already assuming you to be handsome and humble guy and your appearance is just going to help them to reach their conclusion.

There is no issue is you like to be yourself and don’t like to show off but it will lead you to put extra amount of efforts to get a clean chit from them.

Basic dressing sense is still absolute necessary for any guy, like: have a descent hairstyle, washed and ironed shirt, getting rid of those unwanted facial, nasal, ear hairs.

 How You Treat Her

Yeah there are keeping very acute eye on how you are treating there sweetheart. This is what make meeting her friends more difficult than anything, are you trying to dominate her, how is she feeling while with you, are you trying too hard to impress, her body language, etc. they will be making a note of every incident in mind.

Compatibility (Similarities with Ex)

How similar you are with her previous boyfriends and how you differ from them. How do you treat her, talk to her and care her will be recorded and will be diagnosed later on.

Every friend want her best friend to settle for a long term relationships not just king of previous short relationships so she is going to test you hard and judge you over your performance.


Chivalry might be obsolete these days but it still has capability to melt any girl. It’s not like weather she is able to do things by herself or not, it simply displays how much you really take care of her feminism and comfort.

People are able to take care of big issues in order to make there first impression but they are going to find out what you are from inside by means of just small acts that you won’t be concerned about.

Try not to force yourself to fabricate anything, just be what you are. But if you feel you don’t have enough courteous approach then its better to practice before you setup a meeting.


Women always find funny men more attractive. Don’t believe me then choose any women you know and ask her what are the main qualities she look for a relation and she will definitely say ”someone who is not boring, charming , delightful and who can make me laugh till my jaw starts feeling pain”.

You can get the way to her heart if you can make her laugh and same matters when you are sitting group of her friends. Start being a crowd puller and make sure they don’t get bored.

Don’t know how to lead them? Get into the field of your expertise like you can plan to have a bowling session or snooker or dance at club. Its upto your plan to breeze things by your way.

Study at Stanford University of School have stated that women brain have developer to appreciate the humor and man’s to produce it (so chill, you do have some capability by default).

Pocket Size

There could be to situation which can be dangerous for you big display of money or No money. Both the situation could get  you into critical situation, doesn’t matter how rich you are don’t forget they too have self esteem and they could get richer guy then you(If they want); so stop pretending how rich you are and that cheesy showoff.

And with the flip side stop making joke on your penniless pocket or your bankruptcy, even if money is not the priority for them you should never give them idea of your insufficient bank balance.

It’s not a movie where you will be acceptable with no endurance to satisfy her needs.


You can fake it for some time but you cant do that with every one, the way you will be talking to receptionist, waiter, your chauffer, etc does matters for them. Your etiquette is a reflection of what you are.

No matter how handsome or cute you are, no matter what car you drive or how much you earn, if you can’t respect people. It might be the most underrated thing for you but it does matter for them when it comes to long term relationships.

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