Hair Care Tips: Make Your Hair Travel-Proof

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Dreaded situation of being stuck in a long flight with crappy space and bland meal becomes even more unendurable when you wake up after an uncomfortable sleep only to realize deep oil-rooted, comb resistant hairs.

The only option now for the rest of your journey is to pull out your skull cap, hide them underneath and live this way through the rest of the journey wondering how people walk out looking fresh with near perfect hairs when they traveled the same distance, in the same flight. Use these simple yet effective hair grooming tips for men to join the opposite gang the next time you plan to travel.

Keep It Dry!

You must be wondering what this means, with the rise in the amount of pollution and smug presence in air, its getting absolute necessity of every guy to follow few hair care tips in order to keep them healthy and well groomed. Well the market is flooded with dry bath, so the next time you plan to travel include a dry travel size shampoo along. Just a spray on oily areas and little application on the rest give your hairs with an easy massage. You will be surprised to see no more oily hairs now. Just a point to be taken care of here, make sure that you use the bathrooms and do not go around spraying the product in the flight area.

Shampoo again…

There was a time when most of expects used to recommend less use of shampoo due to the presence of various chemicals, but fortunately that’s not true any more. Shampooing your hair could be the most basic and efficient hair care tip you can follow, You may have shampooed your hair the day before or this morning but immediately before you leave for the airport go for another round and condition them too. This will remove any excess oil from the scalp and provide long lasting look when you are travelling for long. A quick simple wash will do, you do not have to invest a lot of time here, but make sure that you dry them and comb them properly here.

No Touching Allowed..!

Your hair is looking just fine, do not over comb them. Do not at any cost move your hands through your hair. Make it a rule not to run fingers through your hair during the travelling or anytime other than combing. This is as it might activate the sebaceous glands; they are responsible for secretion of natural oil which regulates the moisture in the scalp. If you comb is dirty or not washed properly and you still using it, then the situation can get even worse.

Keep That Gel Away!

You may be obsessed with wet look but it will not harm you to keep away from using gel for a single day or in fact try using no hair product when you plan to travel.  If there is a meeting immediately when you land and you want a professional look and managed hair, then you should go for light gel or water soluble product that get mixed or washes away easily. Hair grooming with the help of hair wax could be a bad idea while travelling, your hairs will be more prone to dust and air pollution thus will make it look even worst.

Snip-Snap before Travelling

Simple hair grooming tip is to have a fresh haircut before travelling, it will not just make you look good  but will also help you with much more manageable hairs. Plan this cut as low maintenance hair style which is stylish too. A buzz cut here is a good choice; they call for no attention and are easy to maintain.

Check out which hairstyle would suit your face best.

With these steps you can take off and land with the exact kind of hair that you want, without having to worry about the looks.

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